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The traditional foods in the world

In fact, each of the countries always has the signature dishes for their countries – the traditional foods. Even though it is not necessary that all they taste well, the majority of them is very delicious. You will be difficult to resist the attraction when thinking of them.

Looking at here, the food list below is what we’d like to share with you. They come from the different countries in the world that you ought to try. Aside from the traditional one, they are especially delicious. Don’t ignore! Let’s see!

Which Traditional Dishes on the World Should You Try?


When coming to India, you will be mad if you miss a traditional curry at here. Don’t think that it is also similar to the curry at your homeland. The ingredients are fresh; the spice is healthy in comparison with the typical British.

When saying to the traditional Indian curry, it cannot ignore the organ josh. Its origin is in the Kashmir region. The main ingredients include red chili, pepper, lamb, and tomato. You have a sensitive taste, right? No problem! Because the temperature of the organ josh is medium (not too hot like the pizza in the best toaster ovens, for example).


It can say that Japan is one of the top countries with the healthy traditional dishes. Although you can also find the good kind of sushi with full of natural minerals that are packed with carbohydrates available all over the world, the better should still be prepared at home.

Fugu sushi

Another common type is fugu. This food is both deadly and expensive because of a deadly poison (tetrodotoxin) in this kind of fish (puffer fish). Nonetheless, plenty of licensed chefs are still ready to prepare for those who want to look for the thrilling feel. Yes, if had a chance, you ought to try this well-known food in Japan.


If you come to England, it won’t have the similar traditional Sundays. In general, the dinners frequently include meat (in particular, pork, beef, turkey, chicken, or lamb), along with carrots, roast potatoes, cheese, turnips, Yorkshire puddings, peas, broccoli,… But, the most is gravy. In the middle of the afternoon, it will be served. And then, you will feel satisfied with the traditional Sunday roast in England in the evening. Do you want more? Well, you should not miss a meal with hot custard and a little apple crumble, right?

It has a chance to go to a seaside town. Yes, it makes sure that a couple chips and fish are of course. The haddock or hand-battered comes with fat chips. Surely, your warmth will be risen, especially, in summer.


Aside from the attractive history, landscape, and castles in Scotland, the food is also a section that takes away your eye catching. You are going to be easy to get a few traditional haggis after you go through mountains or villages and stop off at a local restaurant. At first, it is not too appealing you, but it is actually a desirable meal.

It is known that people use the minced onions, spices, salt, oatmeal, suet,… to add in the stomach of an animal, instead, the intestine of sheep. Exactly, there is haggis – the sheep’s pluck. Frequently, the Scottish serves haggis with potatoes, swede, neeps, and tatties.


As mentioned above, although this traditional Scottish food is not too attractive, you will recognize that it will likely be difficult to miss after experiencing the fresh air, the beautiful views, and a nice day in Scotland.


In Germany, there are the typical traditional foods for each of the region. Correspondingly, it is worth experiencing the delicious foods around the locals. In particular, there are:

Sausage in Germany

The well-known one must say to sausages. It makes sure that you will not lack the selection because there are more 1,500 kinds of sausage, especially, the Bratwurst. Its ingredients consist of the ground pork, along with the spices. Another option for you is the Nürnberger Rostbratwurst. Its flavor is pretty special because the small pork combines with the fresh marjoram.

Yes, the sausages are famous in German, but the fresh bread is equally well-known. One of the numbers is not little at all – 6000 kinds of bread – black bread, grey bread, and more. All brings an interesting taste-testing. So good!!!


In fact, when saying to Italian food, a myriad of people all over the world want to be experienced their traditional food. After a day of trekking around the small towns in Italia, the fresh Italian bread will always be your option, coming with the cheese and a little wine. What a great it is! Let’s imagine! It will be boring if it only sits and sees a beautiful view, right? But, with some delicious foods with a glass of wine, everything is going to become different.

Antipasti of Italian

Instead of preparing your own food, you can choose to go to a traditional restaurant. Starting with antipasti, it consists of meat, prosciutto, a little pancetta, salami, and finochiona. If got, some baked bread will ideally become. Even though every restaurant processes antipasti based one the variety of recipes, it still makes sure that you will want to enjoy it right away when looking at.

Obviously, it will be hard to resist the Italian foods, which always receives the high appreciation from those who tried. The majority of the Italian chefs will never make you feel disappointed.


It is certain that those who intend to travel Cambodia won’t likely miss the fresh fish, rice, tropical fruits, noodles, and soups. Frequently, Cambodians’ meal involves from 3 to 4 dishes, in particular, bitter, sweet, salty, or sour.

Coming to Cambodia, it should try a well-known traditional dish – amok trey. Fish covered a layer of thick coconut milk is not too different from Thai curry paste. Fish can be baked or steamed after being placed in a cup with the material from banana leaves. What a memorable it is!

If you have a chance to come one of the above countries, let’s try the foods that you introduced to you. In case you get used to going, but it misses them, let’s try on the next trip.

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