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Everyone loves street food though some of them are not so healthy. Street food has been one of the most significant cultural beauties of many countries in the world because you can only find some of them when traveling to some certain places. Above all, street food is extremely cheap. You don’t have to bring too much money to feel the happiness this type of cuisine brings to you. If you have the chance to visit any place that is new to you, don’t forget to walk around and find a stall or a fast-food truck, it will amaze you and make you fall in love immediately.

Food truck

So you have known about how much people love street food, but do you know how to make money from it? Needlessly to say, it is such a good business for people who love freedom, love food and love making friends with strangers. This article will show you some interesting information if you have an intention to open your own street food stall. Let’s get started!

First And Foremost: LOCATION

Many people are willing to travel for such a long distance just to get something tasty and amazing. They must be respected with their love for food, but most of us can’t do that. We tend to find things which are comfortable for us to consume, that’s why local food restaurants and stalls have their source of customer though they don’t promote much. The point is when you have a good position, I mean location, you can make your work less hard and have more customers.

Though your food is good, your service is even better, people still come to that awful restaurant nearby. Do you know why? Because your stall is too fat away from the neighborhood and is hidden behind blocks of the building. That’s the importance of location, especially to street food starters. So the best solution you can come up with is to move your stall/truck/cart… to a better position. It won’t take much of your efforts since the street food trucks are well – known for its mobility.

Finding locationsPay attention to locations that attract people such as a public park, pubs, bars… where people might want to have something light to eat while hanging around or drinking. Another thing you should know is that when your place is nice and easy to remember, people tend to come back for more as long as your food is good.

Street food is not about how much you sell in one day. It’s about making a small but valuable locally brand.

Careful With Your Cooking Appliances

Make sure that you have the right choice. There are several things you should ask yourself before making some purchases:

  • How big/How much space do you have for cooking?
  • Which type of street food do you want to sell?
  • Will you be able to afford for a whole set of cooking tool?

If the answer is already in your mind, wait no more and grab all you need from the supermarket or local kitchen supply stores. If not, we are here to help you!

Food truck kitchen

If you are going to sell grilled dishes, maybe you want to take a look at some best gas grills and a set of grilling equipment to make your food faster and easier. With salad, everything would be easier since you don’t have to cook much but make sure you can prepare enough paper packs for the whole day. However, don’t forget to make your food better by using the right type of kitchen appliances. It will help you a lot.

Actually, in a fast food truck, you won’t have too much space to arrange the tools, so you might want to find things in small size, especially to make small portions for one person at a time. You should always remember that making fast food means you have to cook fast and precise, so how you and your partners arrange the kitchen is really important as well.

Suppliers And How To Get Ingredients

One of the secrets of having a success business with street food is a good supply of ingredients. You might want to stick with a good quality and acceptable price supplier instead of changing the way you load your ingredients all the time. No matter how big your truck is or how good can you cook, if you don’t treat your suppliers as friends and have a long – term relationship, everything would not go well.


Basically, a majority part of profit comes from the ingredients. Moreover, if you have a good source of raw food, everything would be so easy as if you were cooking inside your house’s kitchen. You can be either a beginner who wants to start up your own adventure with street food or an expert with so many branches all over the world, this rule is always right: Don’t just be customers, be friendly and the suppliers will be your best allies.

Start with a few ingredients first if you have just started your street food business. No one will judge you about that. Then day after day, your profit will grow up alongside with your experience and you will know which one is the best source to buy the freshest and best quality materials.

As you can see, starting your own business with street food is not too hard. The thing is to be a success story, you have to be patient and begin with small things carefully. After a short time, you will see which are your advantages as well as disadvantages. Try to improve things and you can do even more than you can imagine. According to many experienced food truck brands, this type of business can bring at least $20.000 in profit if you work hard. Before that, make sure you have enough money to buy a truck and turn it into something that is suitable for making and selling food. If you need a financial calculation, we have it right here in another article. Just visit my blog about street food and enjoy the world of cheap but spectacular food.

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