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Today, most of the people are willing to buy the best utensils for their kitchen. Sometimes, your work is very busy. Thus, you can not cook any time for your needs. However, why people still spend a lot of time on cooking? Why they want to save time by eating outside but still buy the best slow cooker to cook? The reason is everything has two sides, the time make people do happy because of all their hearts on cooking for their lovely family members. Eat out side instead? Yes. Sometimes, you must eat on the outside. This is called the street food. Many people think that the street food is not good for health. In fact, many people meet some risks about the street foods. To eat safely, it is not simple. You need to have the tips. Even, you are a traveler. You need to know how to eat the street food safely. In this writing, I will share some basic tips to eat Asian street food safely. I think that this is very important in our lives.

Top Tips to Eat Asian Street Food Safely

As you know, traveling is a hobby of many people. The main purpose is to discover the new countries. Moreover, the travelers can enjoy the strange dishes. They are quite the different taste what you eat at your home. There are so many memorable things during these trips. Most of the travelers want to enjoy the street foods. They are very various choices. You can look at the food. Especially, these foods are also cheaper than the foods which they cooked in the restaurant. That is a way to save the budget. Also, traveling Asia is an ideal place for many people. The price is always lower than other continents. To eat Asian street food safely, you need to remember some tips as follows:

1. Should Choose The Places Where The Locals Eat

choose the stalls

Of course, there are a lot of people who are selling the food on the street. The foods look very delicious and good taste. You want to try them right now. However, you should choose the place where many locals eat. In the case, you pass a shop that it does not have the local customers. You need to think again. Because it is the first time you visit this place. You do not know evaluate the quality of the food as well as how about the price. You should have the observation.

2. Enjoy The Fresh Food

Enjoy the fresh foods

Normally, the food in the morning will be fresher. Some stalls will sell all days. It means their foods cook in the early morning. If they do not have a well-preserved the bacteria can penetrate the food. It is the reason why we have some problem when eating the street foods. In the situation, you want to eat this food. You should arrange your time to enjoy in the morning. It will be better for your stomach.

Beyond that, you also can enjoy the fresh food at the stalls where you see they are cooking. The foods just make. Thus, they are extremely hot. Sometimes, you can ask to cook as your requirement. This street food is often safe to eat.

3. Note Something in The Water

After eating some foods from the street, the stomachache and diarrhea are two common risks. Therefore, you should note something in the water. Here are some typical examples for you:

  • When you eat the noodle it is more delicious with some types of vegetables. After that, you have a stomachache. You often think the reason is the noodle. It is not an exact result. Although there are many things to have a noodle bowl the bacteria can be killed by the high temperatures. It is not the reason for poisoning. It is raw green salad which it is cleaned before serving.
  • Moreover, you have to avoid anything that it is uncooked. Even, the vegetable should boil before you want to eat, right!
  • Especially, the problem can come to the ice in your drinking water at the stalls. It is a good idea to have a bottled drinking water in your bag. You can use safely.

4. Be Careful with The Fruits

In your countries, the climates and the temperature are not a good condition for developing some types of fruits. Thus, they are very expensive to buy. When visiting Asia, there are a lot of various fruits. Their price is cheap. They look very attractive to enjoy the melon slice on a hot day. Especially, you feel thirsty. It is great to eat the cool melon slices. You should be careful. Many stalls cut them many hours ago. Many bad elements include flies and dust. Or, the vendors spray a little water on the melon slices to help them be fresher. All of them are dangerous to eat. Thus, you should eat the fruits in the right way. I am sure that you know how to eat the fruits properly.

On the street, you still can eat some fruits which they are clean and safe for you. The banana and unopened fruits are the good suggestions in this case. You want to eat the melon. You can choose it. Then, you ask the vendor who must clean her knife before cutting your fruit.

5. Try to Eat The Vegetarian Foods

One common reason to meet the problem for the stomach is the bad meat. All vendors have a lot of experience to preserve the meat for many days. However, they look well. Actually, your stomach must face the risk. You need to answer the question. Does your body need to eat meat every day? It is No. Sometimes, you can try to eat the vegetarian foods. The stalls in the pagoda are always the best selections for you.

6. Clean Your Hands

Washing Your Hands


You go many places. Your hands touch a lot of things. Now you are hungry. You want to eat some things. The first work to do is to clean your hands. In fact, there are the plenty of the bacteria which you bring on your hands. So, before eating, it is very necessary to clean your hands.

In summary, many dishes on the street are also delicious to eat. Its price is cheap. So it is also very suitable for traveling in Asia with the small budget. You can enjoy the street food safely with 6 tips which I introduce above. I hope that you can go around Asia area and eat the street food.

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