travel to the Hawaii island

You like to travel around the world. I guess that you have ever come to Hawaii. It is the only state of the United States which it has the water around. Hawaii is a great place to travel. Moreover, there are a lot of special foods and good taste for enjoying. Even, when you eat the white rice, it is also very delicious. Many visitors think that the people living here cook with the best rice cooker. In fact, they have some tips to cook the delicious dishes as well as the special dishes. Not only the white rice but also the plenty of the different foods are very good to enjoy when traveling to Hawaii. In this article, I will introduce some typical dishes. Most of them get the good comments of the travelers. Now, we will discover the world’s cuisine in Hawaii, right!

travel to the Hawaii island

Delicious Hawaiian Foods to Eat for Your Traveling

Every year, there are many visitors to come to Hawaii. It located in the center of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is a famous archipelago of 132 small islands which it does not belong to any continent. It is like a long pearl chain about 2,450 kilometers. This is considered a tourist paradise of the world. In addition, many dishes of this place are very special. It is very pity when you do not enjoy. Surely, you have a lot of choices about your foods. However, you should keep in your mind some common Hawaiian foods. Sometimes, they will help you enjoy these foods in your life.

1. Poi

Poi is a delicious food. It is a sticky paste. Poi is made from the mashing taro root. It is mixed on the Hawaiian plate. Taro is very popular in most of the Hawaiian meals. The Polynesians are the first people who brought this food to these islands. Nowadays, Hawaiians know how to make poi with a lot of ingredients. There are more than 300 varieties so the poi has a very attractive taste for us.

Especially, after enjoying this food, you can study how to make it. Here are the basic steps for your reference. Of course, the Hawaiians can not show all of their tips for you. But you have some skills for cooking. I believe that you can make the poi with the great taste. Please look at some following steps:

enjoy the poi dishes

  • Firstly, you must prepare all of the necessary ingredients for your poi;
  • Then, you will start to mash the taro root until it becomes a pounder. You can call it a poi pounder;
  • After that, you will add water. Depending on the poi pounder to have the suitable water level, this combination must be soft and silky;
  • Next, you should let it spend a few days. In these days, it will ferment to have the sour taste slightly.
  • Finally, you can enjoy it.

2. Lomi Salmon

Salmon is your favorite food. Thus, you should not forget to enjoy the lomi salmon dish at Hawaii. The salmon is the main ingredient for this food. It is made by the raw salmon. It is sliced very small. And these salmon slices will mix with the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and chilli. You worry that the raw salmon can not eat. But when combining these seasonings, the salmon taste becomes very easy to eat. Many travelers said that it is a wonderful combination.

Actually, you can make the lomi salmon by yourself. This dish is not difficult to prepare the ingredients. Besides, you can mix the lomi salmon with the poi. I make sure that you will eat as much as possible.

3. Purple Sweet Potatoes

You will be surprised because the sweet potatoes are very popular in many countries. It is not special. However, there are over 200 types of the sweet potatoes at the Hawaii islands. They have the own tastes. Most of them have to tend the soft texture and the floral flavor. Moreover, the leaf of the purple sweet potatoes also can eat very well. You can boil these leaves in the daily meals. They contain a lot of nutrients for our health.

On the other hands, you can enjoy the purple sweet potatoes in the various ways. You can grill, steam, or bake in the oven. To be simple, you can boil and mash to create the sweet potato poi. I make sure that you will enjoy the purple sweet potatoes with the delicious tastes.

4. Pipi Kuala

the beef from the pipi Kuala

To understand easily, the pipi Kuala is a food from the beef. Basically, it is the beef food but it brings the Hawaiian style. The beef is dried on the outside. Therefore, we do not feel tough to eat. To create the pipi Kuala, it must be fried before we want to eat with the white rice. According to the elderly in Hawaii, they said the pipi Kuala appeared in 1792. And until now, the pipi Kuala is one of the famous foods for the thousands of visitors.

In the case, you are a traveler. You want to learn how to make this dish. The Hawaiian will help you. They can share some basic steps. From there, you can base on to make the pipi Kuala as what you understand. Nowadays, the pipi Kuala is prepared with a lot of different methods. They can cut the beef into the various shapes. Additionally, they also use the different seasonings. Generally, some main seasonings are honey, garlic, sesame seeds, sherry, and kimchee. To dry the beef, you need to use the oven- drying with the stainless steel.

In short, there are the plenty of special dishes when you visit Hawaii. Enjoying the strange foods with the good tastes are the good chances for many people. Of course, many delicious dishes to eat in other countries will be a great thing for you. If you come to Hawaii you should enjoy four typical dishes. I just mention them in this writing. I hope that you will discover many good tastes which they are different from your countries. I also believe that you have some knowledge about the world’s cuisine about Hawaii.

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