Fast food in America

Mentioning countless features that must be discovered to complete the journey to America, we shouldn’t forget to talk about the food culture here, especially Fastfood – one of the best parts of American cuisine. Similar to the people here, American cuisine Is considered diversity and abundant because it is the combination of flavors belonging to countries around the world. However, American cuisine still has its own specific features that you can realize right away when traveling to Los Angeles or other states of this country.

Fast Food In America

Obviously, as other countries, America has its own unique food culture with the diversity of ingredients, spices, and cooking methods. The reason behind this is the main factors of America culture. This country is the destination of people worldwide, and also the place for hundreds of living style to combine and compete against each other. However, the native America still preserve their own culture, and one of them is the fast food.

Fast food in America

It might sound weird, but the Fast food is considered one of the most important marks of the food culture in America. It is a remarkable thing that almost every tourist wants to try once they set foot in this country, along with other 9 types of street food here. The fast food brands are countless, each one has their own way to make the fast food become attractive and irresistible. The most famous names are KFC, Pizza Company, McDonald’s… they are not only well – known in their hometown but also all over the world. So what are the main factors that cause these fast foods popular and become a kind of culture in America?

It is not a challenging task to explain why fast food gains popular among the street food culture in America. From the first decades when this country built up the economy system, Fastfood was born as a natural way to meet the requirements of people in town with fast – paced lives. To save time and spend it for work, fast food is considered as one of the most suitable solutions. That’s the reason why stores appeared on almost every street to serve their customers anytime, anywhere.

Fast-food brands have their own campaigns to promote their products. They know how to make the food look tastier, hide the unhealthy factors as well as popularize them to all kinds of people. However, words are just words, you can’t believe in them completely. You must see the fast food empire in America by you own eyes to know the truth.

Fastfood chains

Some of the most common types of fast food that can be listed such as hamburger, hot dog, fries, and coke. These are popular and common foods of America street food culture and also the “unique’ cuisines of American. Especially unlike Eastern countries, the dinner of American people doesn’t require the whole family to sit together and have a big meal. Americans rarely cook or prepare meals in the evening. They often call fast food to the house and enjoy together.

In America, Hotdog and Hamburger are the most famous because you can find that nowhere can do these better than American. Because of colorful flavors and convenience, these types of fast food have become popular worldwide. However, eating these too often might bring the harm of being overweight and heart diseases to people. That’s the reason why many fast food restaurants have cut down on the meat weight and increase the vegetables inside the meals.

Fast Food In Meals

  • Breakfast: This meal is not appreciated much by American. It might be because of their routines. They are too busy to have a full breakfast, fast food is a good choice to start with a cup of coffee. Fast and not too much is all they need. Basically, an American adult will have a glass of fruit juice or a cup of coffee with a slice of bread and peanut butter or jam. At weekends, it would be a little bit different with a glass of milk and cereals or bread and eggs when they have more free time in the morning.
  • Lunch: With people who work at offices, they usually have to take a rest at their workplace within 30 to 60 minutes. To many people, the sandwich is the suitable choice. Two slices of the sandwich can provide enough energy for an office employee to move on till the afternoon with his work. Each sandwich contains bacon, cheese, meat sauce, butter, and mustard. Apart from it, Hotdog and Hamburger is also the favorite of many people at lunch.


  • Dinner: Unlike Eastern people, American consider dinner as the chance for them to get totally relaxed. That’s the reason why they put dinner at first in their meal list. The choices for this meal are varied from soup, bread with butter to salad, steak or seafood… Though this is their main meal of the day, people in America don’t like to cook for themselves. They often use fast food to be the solution, though this might be a little but unhealthy in comparison with Eastern people’s dinner. They often eat early in the evening.

Where Can I Try Fast Food In America?

When traveling to America, you should know some of the most famous fast food chains. They have hundreds to thousands of fast food restaurant all over this country.

  • KFC: This is one of the most well – known brand in the world. The main products are fried chicken and salad.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts: Nothing could be better to start a morning with a pack of donut and a cup of coffee.
  • Taco Bell: The taco would be a delicious flavor when you want a little difference apart from other stuff in America.

Fast food is an essential part not only in American meals but also in the cuisine culture of this country, and it is also the special feature of a developing country. If you have a chance to go to America, don’t forget to give it a try and know more about the beauty of American street foods.

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