Spanish Cuisine

Spain – one of the most beautiful countries in Europe – a colorful place that any tourist should be set foot on at least once in a lifetime. “Spain is different” – you will hear this sentence more than you know about this country. It means that there are a variety of customs and culture that you might discover when spending your life in Spain. Eating custom and Spanish cuisines are the most noticeable of them. They are very attractive to tourists and finding out about those cultures are quite interesting.

This information might be shocking to you, but it is true that the Spanish style bars and restaurants can be found almost anywhere since the moment you leave the airport. Researchers indicate that for every 130 Spaniards, we can count a bar or a restaurant. That’s the reason why cuisines are one of the most significant beauties of this country’s culture. In this article, we will discover some exciting features of Spanish eating customs so as to know more about the meals and how the Spanish can make their foods become colorful arts as we see today.

Spanish Cuisine

Bars And Tapas


One thing that you should keep in mind when being a tourist in Spain is that the number and the size of bars are often as double as those of the Spanish restaurants. You can imagine these bars as the places for Spaniards to gather around and do anything they want. It can be the appointment places, social establishments or just where you go and find a drink. Sometimes these bars can be the place to watch football games or hold some parties. There would be no excuses that can be accepted when you are invited to go to a bar.

In a typical bar, you will be offered an array of something called “tapas”. It means food in a small size that can be used as a snack. The tapas is varied by region. Sometimes the food is discounted but doesn’t believe in what the write in the menu, the cost is still added to your drink.

As in restaurants, the bars can provide you the full menu of daily meals. That means you can order food as in restaurants with a fixed price. Another choice for you is to order a combination in one plate with more than 3 items. If you go with your friends or companions, the large appetizer is the best choice for lunch or dinner. Here’s a small tip for you: you don’t have to worry about eating in one certain bar, you can go from a bar to another to enjoy their “tapas” and choose the best bar to have your meals. That’s the way you can guarantee the food quality while still can wander and enjoy the sights.

Tapas in Spain

Get Used To The Cuisine Of Mediterranean

This might be your most shocking experience; I mean it might be the best or the worst you can get. The food in Spain can be quite different to any other types of food that you’ve tasted. If there are words that can easily and safely describe the cuisines, it might be “exciting”, “colorful” and “Mediterranean”.

In fact, the diet of Spaniards is considered one of the healthiest in the world. The ingredients are various from many types of vegetables and nuts to kinds of beans and especially cereals. Especially, they use a wide range of grain foods such as bread, rice, pasta… In addition, the Spanish cuisine is well – known for its spices. They are not only added components in order to adjust the flavors but also the unique combination of herbs and liquids. That’s why each Spanish bar or restaurant can cook the same type of dish in their special way that you can’t taste the same on in any other one. Spaniards can use types of oil, herbs to boost up the smell and flavors of their dishes precisely. The recipes of the Spanish restaurants base on the ingredients found around the Mediterranea Sea so that it can be varied from seafood to rare vegetables or common types of meat.

Food in Spain

In addition, the dining time of Spaniards is different from other countries. You should follow this timeline so as to enjoy the freshest dishes when they are served hot and juicy. Planning all of your activities so that you can try as many local cuisines as you can. It helps you to be healthy and keep your physical and mental condition actively all day long. Spain is the country of parties and cuisines, so try to keep up with the colorful life here and enjoy yourself 24/7.

A Dinner In Spain

This might be weird but people in Spain don’t usually eat their dinner at around 7 or even 8 p.m. It is because of lunch break which occurs at midday. Workers often leave their work at 8 p.m. Basically, the would be a time for a snack before dinner called “Merida” so that they wouldn’t feel starving.

The proper time to have dinner with a Spanish family is about 9 to 10 in the evening. This might make your bio clock go upside down for the first time. In summer, the dinner is commonly served at midnight, and Spaniards would feel very fine eating at that time. That’s why you should prepare some snacks when waiting for the main event or else you can’t do anything with an empty stomach until midnight!

Living in Spain can drain out all of your energy at no time if you don’t know how to keep up with the lifestyle here. In fact, people in Spain are very friendly, if you have any troubles with your diets, they will help you to get through them easily. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make a trip to Spain and enjoy the magical world of music, dance and of course, Mediterranean cuisines.

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