French Cuisines

European cuisine has always been the greatest and the basis of the world of food and taste. The flavor and structure of European dishes have significant effects on the way people cook worldwide, and they are considered as one of the most beautiful arts created by human imagination and creation. No matter where the dishes are first created, they all share common features: harmonious, precise but simple and elegant. Table companions are always charmed by the fatty flavors of cheese, butter, milk; the variety of spices and unique cooking methods

Each country has its own unique and special cuisines, but it would be such a mistake if mentions European cuisines without mentioning dishes and cooking method from France, Italia, England, Spain or Turkey… Each of them has their own flavors and creates special features that can define from the first time tasting. This article will give you a brief look at these countries’ cooking cultures.

Elegant French Cuisine

Once arriving in France, the first thing you must do is not visiting The Eiffel Tower or looking for Paris – the City of Love. You should try your first dish in France to see why this country is the first to be mentioned in this list. The elegant and classic features of the cuisines have been considered one of the most memorable things when in France.

French Cuisines

As in other countries, wine is often served at parties and dinners of French. Especially each food must be eaten with a particular type of wine. You are not counted as a food – lover if you don’t know how to combine types of wine with the food on the table. It is the right way to enjoy a French dinner. Apart from the wine, the types of sauce are also noticeable of this country’s food culture. The sauce is a remarkable combination of the herbs, smelly leaves, and fruits such as cinnamon, lavender, lemon, orange… Each type of sauce is made carefully by the chefs and used in different ways. Sometimes the sauce is put in a small cup for the customer to use with his demand or else they will be put directly on the surface of the food so that it can be sucked into the inner part of the cuisine.

French cuisine specialized in the arrangement and enjoyment of the table companions. That’s the reason why French cuisines are put on the dinner table in a fixed order. It creates an elegant and polite atmosphere for the party, unlike in other countries. Everything is prepared perfectly without any flaws from each tiny detail. These rules are the determination of French cuisine style: from the perfect dining tools such as silver spoons, forks to perfect cuisines from the world – class chefs in the world. That’s why people often consider France as the origin of European cuisine.

Simple And Precise Italian Cuisine

This beautiful country is not only famous for the magnificent structures, well – known fashion brands, but also the starting place of colorful Italian cuisine.

Italian Cuisines

While French cuisine is famous for its complication, Italian makes their food to be simple but still very elegant and full of unique taste. Each Italian cuisine has no more than 10 ingredients and the cook often focuses on the quality of the food more than making them tastier by adding spices. That’s the reason why Italian restaurants usually prepare the food really quick and keep the freshness to their dishes without having to modify the original flavors of the ingredients.

People say the Italian cooks are considered the best magicians in the world. They can discover unknown flavors just by combining different tastes that others never think that they will work together. From cereal, flour, raw ingredients to herbs and spices… they can make them great when being alone as well as when putting them together. From the unlimited knowledge about the ingredients, they created dishes that are imbued with the unique and original taste of the raw materials but still very united in total. Though the preparation is quite simple, it is still complicated enough to be one of the most favorable cuisines in Europe.

Traveling to Italia, it would be such a great opportunity if you can have an Italian dinner with unique Italian cuisine under the starry night of Rome. It would be an unforgettable memory for travelers.

Unique Spanish Cuisine

Mentioning European cuisine, you must not forget to mention Spanish dishes. The spice is the unique feature in Spanish cuisine. When eating the food of this country for the first time, you might not distinguish the ingredients used inside. It is because the spices are not the additional component, it is also the cement to connect the ingredients together and make them taste as a whole. It would take you years to walk through the road of culinary in Spain.

One of Well Known Spanish Cuisine.

Apart from it, there are two main recipes on almost every menu in this country: garlic and olive oil. The foods here illustrate the diversity of ingredient as well as flavor. You can try Huevos flamencos, Churros or Chorizo, so as to experience it for yourself. Most of the cuisines here are cooked with egg, potato, tomato and types of chili.

Another special feature that makes people can’t forget about Spanish cuisine is the mini food party in your mouth each time eating. The enjoyment is like a small food festival, that’s the reason why Spanish cuisine if called the Carnival of Food in Europe.

Through these countries, we can see that discovering the cuisines of Europe can partly reflect the culture beauties of countries. It is also because the food illustrates the climate, living conditions as well as the way people live. So if you are a food – lover, these countries are the promising departures for you to come and indulge in the world of food. If you want to know more about the European cuisines, visit my page, I will show you more about them. Let’s discover the world through tasty cuisines!

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