Malaysia's street foods

Since hundreds of years, street foods have become one of the most unique parts of the cuisine culture. Each country and big city considers street food as a special feature that must be preserved and developed. Discovering this type of food culture is an exciting experience, not only for people who love food but also tourism to dig deeper into the beauty of the place they visit. Give it a try and you will never forget. In this post, we will use our experiences as well as our memories to introduce briefly about the street foods around the world that you should taste at least once in your lifetime.

1. What Is Street Food?

It is such a quite weird question, isn’t it? Anybody knows what street food is. It is a part of our life since we were little kids. Street food can be a kind of food or a type of drink. Sometimes it can be some kinds of fruits mixing together with seasons. Street foods can be served to eat alone and very quick, or a shared meal in the afternoon for friends to have some chit – chats after work. There is no exact definition about street food.

Malaysia's street foods
Basically, you can see types of street food almost everywhere in your country. They are very tasty and imbued with national identity. The street foods are often sold in small stalls, moving carts or small restaurants. In fact, people love street food because of the surrounding environment when you enjoy the food. It can be the pavement with small plastic chairs, or a small home – made restaurant. It might be quite noisy, but you can really fit into the living pace of the place and become a part of it.
Another reason why people love street food is the price. They are not expensive at all, but still make you full and pleased. Sometimes you can’t even imagine how cheap the dish is when they are served. Each vendor sells a certain type of food, so there are some streets that only sell food with many stalls next to others. To enjoy your trip, you should spend at least one day or one night to discover the life of street food and the way people enjoy eating it.

2. The Whole World Is Inside the Street Foods

Some of you might not understand this sentence at first, but once you spend a day with street food, you will know why this is definitely correct. A list of delicious street food can’t be listed easy because there are thousand types of street food in a country, and there are more than 200 places like that worldwide. Interestingly, you can see certain types of food in a country that can never be found in other places. It is because only the local people know how to cook them. That’s the reason why sometimes a type of street food is mentioned as the best thing of a country such as Khao Mun Gai in Thailand or Churro in Mexico City.

Street foods you need to try

Everybody is interested in street foods, even they are rich or poor. The food is for everyone to enjoy and sit equally. Even very poor people can have the street foods because of the low price.
Many people say that street food is not good for the health. It is partly right because of the cooking conditions of them. However, they can include many healthy nutritions and make us better after a long day working or studying. It depends on the way they cook the street food meal.

3. Best Street Foods in The World

As we travel, there are so many things to deal with, especially if you go on our own and paddle our own canoe. That’s such a task of challenge, but also an opportunity for us to give the street food a try.

As mentioned above, Mexican’s churro is one of the best that should be tasted when travelling to Mexico. This food is sweet, crunchy, very hot and chilly. It will wake up your senses after a long tired day. If you are one Korea, the Hwae fish is very good if you want to try the most common one in Cheju Island. There is a familiar food that is known by people around the world: hot dog. It can be found in USA in almost any streets. You should try it as soon as possible when you are hungry because it is considered one of the fastest meals. And if you are tired and thirsty after long hours travelling, a coconut in Thailand might be the excellent choice for you. Not too sweet, juicy and cool, this type of drink is the best solution for the hot and humid climate of Thai people.


In Berlin, we won’t search for any kind of street food except the currywust. Interestingly, this is a Turkish food that is influenced to Germany by Turkishs living here. This food can be described as thin slices of meat with curry souce on top.

4. Cautions with Street Foods

There are some problems that you need to be aware of when eating street foods. As you know, the cooking conditions of food stall are not good because of their budget. Therefore, some of the stalls can’t buy good ingredients to make food. That’s such a risk to customer’s health when eating street foods. Customers might have to suffer from diseases like diarrhea or food poisonous. It would be very dangerous, so if you are tending to discover the street foods, make sure to choose clean and healthy food to eat to protect your health.

In fact, there are many unknown facts and stories about street foods that we really want to share with you. Go to our site to see us trying foods on streets and you will love it from the first sight. Tasty foods await, just go for it!


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